Xbox Users Face New Problems Regarding Microsoft Store
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Xbox Users Face New Problems Regarding Microsoft Store

by Hafsa Asim

Last night some issues were reported regarding purchasing at the Microsoft store. Apparently, some Xbox users were having trouble buying things at the Microsoft store. The official Twitter account of the Xbox store acknowledged the problem by issuing a statement that told the users that the company is aware of the problem and the issue has already been resolved. It’s unclear how long the issue lasted and how many people encountered it. However, Xbox Series X|S and One users, who were expecting to buy a game from the Microsoft Store the previous evening, may have been subjected to frustration. Fortunately, for everyone, the problem got fixed at its earliest, and users resumed their shopping.

The official Xbox Store Twitter post reads as:

The cause of frustration in users was that upon making the purchase, an error message was received. If tried again after refreshing, another message was prompted informing the user that the purchase had been made. In the replies to the Twitter post, users amused themselves by saying that Microsoft was occupied watching the Logan Paul/ Floyd Mayweather fight. Unlike the fight, however, the storage problem was over rather quickly and easily.

When going for video game purchases, Sunday night doesn’t seem so eventful, so it’s difficult to say how many users were subjected to the problem. It’s understood that everyone buys at different times, but thankfully, this didn’t happen on a big release day. Else, it might have prompted much more dissatisfaction if this occurred the evening of a major dispatch like Halo: Infinite!

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