Just when you thought the next-gen will be out of your wallet’s reach, Xbox just revealed a smaller, version of the Xbox Series X through a teaser video. Xbox claims despite its low price, the Xbox Series S will deliver “next-gen performance” and will be able to run your games at 120fps frame rate at 1440p resolution. The best part is it even supports Direct Ray Tracing. Moreover, just like the Xbox Series X, the Xbox Series S will also support backward compatibility, playing games from the Xbox One, Xbox 360 and even titles that were available on the original Xbox models. 

What is Xbox Series S?

We knew that a more stripped-down version of the Series X will be coming when Phil Spencer gave us a hint, at the E3 2018, that there might be another console on its way. Before its official announcement, we knew the Xbox Series S under the codename “Lockheart”. Although trimmed down, the Xbox Series S will still be a next-gen machine, supporting the latest tech such as Ray tracing and fast load times with SSD storage, while keeping the price low enough for everyone. 

Xbox Series S release date

The trailer that announced the Xbox Series S shows us that the console will have the release date of November 10. This also coincides with the report we got earlier which said that both the next-gen Xbox consoles will come out on the same date. 

We also got certain other details from the teaser. It tells us that it will be the “smallest Xbox ever” and is significantly smaller than the Xbox Series X, nearly 60% smaller. The Series S will also come with an NVMe SSD of 512GB. The reduced space is to keep the price down but it might cause problems as most next-gen games might be over 100GB. 

Xbox Series S price

The Xbox Series S announced at a price tag of $299 (Rs. 49,738)Xbox’s smallest console will release at a price of $299 (Rs. 49,738). This price will be very reasonable for most gamers and might give Xbox a very nice edge over its competitor. The Xbox Series X is expected to cost around $499 (Rs. 83,008).  

What’s the catch?

So Xbox is offering a console which will run next-gen games at a very affordable price so what will be cut from the Xbox Series X to reach this price tag? 

  • Well according to speculation the Xbox Series S will:
  • Will rely on digital downloads and not run disks. 
  • Might run some games at lower resolutions due to having a less powerful GPU
  • Some compromise on lightning effects
  • Significantly reduced storage

This move is a pleasant one for people who see the expected price of the next-gen consoles being too high. It’s also perfect for those who like to wait for the prices of the Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X to fall before making their purchase. Moreover, Xbox will win the favour of many through this and does give it a lead in the competition between Sony and Microsoft. As for the prices of the Xbox Series X and the Playstation 5, it seems as both companies are holding on to see who announces the price first. 

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Yasir Raees Khan

Yasir Raees Khan

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