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Xbox Insider Leaks 2 New Minecraft Games

by Hafsa Asim

“New Minecraft games are in the works”, hinted by two reliable Xbox insiders. It has been revealed that Xbox and Mojang Studios are working on two new Minecraft games. We are presuming that these two new games will be the spin-offs of the original as it is very unlikely that Microsoft will begin to work on “Minecraft 2”. Jez Corden, is the source of this information for us, but he doesn’t specify his source of information. Unfortunately, Corden doesn’t divulge many specifics, but he does suggest that Mojang has slyly teased these games in the past.


Corden stated that he is affirmative that there is more than one game coming. Some of his exact words sounded like, “I know from trusted sources that Mojang has at least two all-new projects that aren’t from the original or from the dungeon series, although I have no idea exactly what those games might look like. Perhaps we’ll discover that all of those pixel-style art posts were teases for full-blown projects … or maybe not. One can hope, though.”

Minecraft Dungeons 

The most recent game in the Franchise is Minecraft Dungeons released in 2020; an action role-playing game mixed with a dungeon crawler that failed both commercially and creatively when compared to how big of a hit the gaming franchise is. 

That said, Minecraft is Xbox‘s most valuable IP, so it’s not very surprising it’s looking to have Mojang mine it, even if the spin-offs so far haven’t been very successful.

You are requested to take this news with a grain of salt, that doesn’t mean that Corden isn’t a reliable insider but anything can change until the official announcement is made. 

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