Xbox Games with Gold and Game Pass Ultimate for July 2021 Revealed
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Xbox Games with Gold and Game Pass Ultimate for July 2021 Revealed

by Hafsa Asim

Xbox Live Gold and Game Pass Ultimate are to get four free new games for July. These new Games were announced on Tuesday as June approaches its end. One of the games are to be released on July 1st  while the rest will follow up their timely releases. Two of the games Rock of Ages 3: Make & Break and Planet Alpha are already available on Xbox One, While the remaining two games are Xbox and Xbox 360 games which will also be available on other platforms of Microsoft.

The four new titles include;

Planet Alpha

As the name suggests, Planet Alpha is a planet filled with danger and mystery with relentless and scary enemies on your tail as you power through a beautiful foreign land and unlock its many hidden secrets. You are marooned and alone and your only goal is to survive.

Rock of Ages 3: Make & Break

  • July 16th – August 15th
  • Developer: ACE Team

The game is an absurd take on legendary characters, and as you jump through the sprawling, gut-busting story you are able to share your design, build, and your custom levels with your friends in this Monty Python-esque tower defense and arcade game.

Conker: Live & Reloaded

  • July 1st – July 15th
  • Developer: Rare

Back with a headache and a weighty portion of disposition, play gaming’s famous squirrel, Conker, through an uncivilized world brimming with twisted characters, allusions, and outrageous movie parodies will be a fun game for you to enjoy.

Midway Arcade Origins

  • July 16th – July 31st

Enjoy the game with 30+ arcade’s exceptional entries while reliving your childhood by playing classics such as Gauntlet, Defender, Rampart, and more.

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