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Xbox Game Pass Subscribers Sad to Lose 5 Great Games Soon

by Hafsa Asim

Xbox game pass and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate are about to lose 5 games very soon. The said games are not the biggest on the subscription service but are fairly notable, quality games that made stir attention at their respective releases.

Subscribers of Xbox Game Pass and Ultimate will lose these games from the following platforms, namely, Xbox One X/S, Cloud, Xbox Series X/S, PC, and Xbox One, Xbox One X/S but not until the 15th of June. These games are available to Xbox Game Pass subscribers with a 20 percent discount before they are removed from the platform. You can buy these to keep playing them after their removal or just to support the developers or publishers.

As per the usual protocol, no other details were provided and no one knows if the said games will return, which is an unlikely thought.

Good bye to the following Xbox Game Pass Games

Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown

  • On consoles
    Become an ace pilot, fly over photo-realistic skies with full 360-degree movement; down antagonist aircraft, and experience the excitement of winning in realistic sorties! Aerial warfare has never seen or felt better!


  • On PC, Console, and Cloud
    A sci-fi thriller, which untangles the mystery of what happened to Dr. Emma and her crew with the help of Station’s Artificial Intelligence S.A.M. In order to help Emma discover what is happening to her, the crew, and S.A.M himself, the players assume the role of S.A.M by operating the station’s Camera, tools, and control system.

Night Call

  • On PC, Console, and Cloud
    You are to play the role of a cab driver, who works at night shifts in Paris, and in doing so you end up being, a voyeur, friend, therapist, and confidant. By talking to different people your job is to catch a serial killer.

West of Dead

  • On PC, Console, and Cloud
    In a cover-based world, where you mix up the fluidity of twin-stick control and tac-coverage user, you fall away into the ugly and gritty world of Hell. You dodge behind cover in the unfamiliar hunting grounds to outgun your enemies.

Wizard of Legend

  • On PC, Console, and Cloud
    An action-packed, no-nonsense wizardry game that focuses on the smart combining of spells and precise movements in a dungeon that supports over a hundred distinctive spells and relics.

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