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Xbox Game Pass Ad Promotes Service with a PS4 Controller

by Hafsa Asim

Xbox Game Pass cloud gaming ad was released this week, and we have to acknowledge the clever cross-marketing tactic employed by Xbox. The ad accentuates the fact that now you can access Xbox Games Pass cloud games from different kinds of controllers to play games on other devices, which effectively eradicates and breaks all the old rules of Xbox at once.

As noted above, the ad brings out the vibrancies of several different worlds at once. A snap was tweeted from the Xbox Game Pass Twitter account, which showed someone playing Sea of Thieves. However, an Xbox controller was not being used to play the game; instead, it was played on a tablet with a PlayStation 4 controller.

This ad is a great initiative into putting cloud gaming technology, offered by Xbox Game Pass, into perspective for those who haven’t tried it yet. Additionally, the cloud gaming tech is the solution for players who prefer to play on one platform with the hardware of another and because of the offer, you can now mix and match all you like.

Xbox Game Pass Vs PlayStation Ad

While the ad successfully promotes “console-dity” instead of this vs. that it definitely surpasses the PlayStation ad released a while ago. PlayStation released a video emphasizing game bonding, instead, everyone kept focusing on the fact that PlayStation was upside down. It seems that PlayStation won’t be re-releasing that ad anytime soon and they might have deleted the ad.

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