Watch Dogs: Legion is the third instalment in the Watch Dogs franchise, and after being delayed for months is finally set to release in October this year. The game is set in a futuristic and post Brexit London, which is under fascist rule. Unlike the previous titles which were in Chicago and San Francisco, we will be exploring near-futuristic and modernized Europe.

Watch Dogs: Legion-Release Date, Gameplay and New Features

Release Date

After a couple of delays, the game is finally set to release internationally on October 29th, 2020, the game was set to release in fall 2019 but was pushed back to March 2020. The game will initially release on Xbox1, PS4, and PC. Ubisoft has confirmed that they will provide a free digital copy to the people who will upgrade their consoles.

Gameplay and Story

The game is set in a Tech Dystopian London, which is modernized in all fields. The drones are now used for surveillance, detaining, and identifying fugitives. To be “truly safe,” the city is under dictatorship by the CEO of a private security company, Albion, Nigel Cass. The government is forced to take this decision as there is a mysterious terrorist attack in London. This has allowed other opportunists and desperate people to take advantage of this situation as the head of the most powerful crime syndicate in London.

Mary Kelly has also stepped up by boosting her business using the Dark web. We have the duty of building resistance against the government to take back the city from the clenches of fascists and gangsters.

This year Ubisoft allowed various YouTubers and streamers to test their games in beta versions to get feedback from the community, which is an excellent initiative by Ubisoft. The gameplay in various fields looks unfinished and unpolished at times, but overall there are multiple improvements. The game engine is the same as Watch Dogs 2, but they have improved it to some extent as the character movement, parkour, the UI has been entirely reworked, combat system, and various influencers have praised gun mechanics.

Like Assassins Creed Valhalla, they have improved the amount of content and different storylines depending on our character. Close quarter combat is very fluid, and the finishers are different depending on the role we play. The vehicles seem to have better physics and movement than the previous titles, which were filled with bugs. The game is in beta and is still being worked on, so we can expect the final game to be better than this.

Watch Dogs: Legion-Release Date, Gameplay and New Features

New Features

Watch dogs legion brings a lot of amazing and unique features with it. The main reason why everyone is anxiously waiting for this game is because of its ability to play as any random citizen of London, any pedestrian can be hired for the resistance but will need some favours to fight for the opposition. The following are some other features that this game brings:

  • Three classes of DedSec agents; The enforcer, infiltrator, and hacker will be the main class that the NPCs will belong to
  • Permadeath; in case of mission failure, we will have the option to surrender ourselves, which will temporarily make the operator unavailable for some time, or we can resist and fight our way out. If we die while resisting, our operator will permanently die and will be unplayable
  • Each character despite belonging to one of the three classes will have its own distinctive ability
  • Like Far Cry, we will have missions in which we will be able to take action against government propaganda
  • Hacking is now more diverse as we can now hack multiple drones, jam weapons, make ourselves and other bodies invisible.

Watch Dogs: Legion-Release Date, Gameplay and New Features

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Is 2020 going to be Ubisoft’s year?

Ubisoft is for the first time releasing their 3 AAA titles in the span of 2-3 months. This time they let various YouTubers and streamers play the beta versions of the game and majority of them have given positive reviews, the major problem is still the repetitiveness and weird facial expressions of NPCs, Watch Dogs is still looking better than its previous part and we haven’t seen any official gameplay of Far Cry 6. The reasons why fans are still skeptical about these games are because Ubisoft tend to leave the game unfinished and buggy when they release various games in a single year. This time we hope they will listen to the reviews and release the game fully finished and optimized.

Watch Dogs: Legion-Release Date, Gameplay and New Features

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