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Want a New Castlevania Game? Just Ask for it: Konami Director

by Sadaf Ahmed

Konami’s biggest franchise of all time Castlevania series with its 35 years of history has a level of public awareness that is perhaps unprecedented. Netflix’s popular animated series has given Castlevania a legion of new fans, while re-releases such as Castlevania Advance Collection and Castlevania Anniversary Collection have introduced players to some of the greatest entries in the series. However, despite all of this, we haven’t had a proper mainline Castlevania entry since 2014’s much-maligned Lords of Shadow 2.

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Konami Director’s Views on Castlevania

With very little on our plate, Konami only announced a smartphone spin-off back in 2019 in the form of the recent;y-released Castlevania: Grimoire of Souls. The game’s director Yota Tsutsumizaki has been speaking to Axios about the future of the series, and the chances of a truly new entry in the beloved franchise. Replying to the question he says, “I think it depends on what our users say”.


Tsutsumizaki goes on to explain that creating a new installment in such a venerated franchise isn’t easy as he’s not in the position to comment on the company’s business, but still according to him in general, it is very challenging to release the main titles of a long-term series on a regular basis.

He added that Castlevania has taken on many challenges since the release of 2010’s multiplayer spin-off Harmony of Despair, and he refers to Grimoire of Souls as an effort to make sure the series can keep up with the rapidly changing times.

Konami’s Collapsing Line

It’s the age-old problem of a massive company wanting to be sure there’s demand for a project before committing any resources to it. We can understand why Konami is cagey at present; Lords of Shadow 2 was a critical disappointment, and more recently, the firm’s efforts to revive another of its key franchises, Contra, resulted in the distinctly underwhelming Contra: Rogue Corps. Even the mighty Metal Gear series is struggling, with Metal Gear Survive, as it was developed without the input of creator Hideo Kojima.

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