Ubisoft has recently launched the sequel of the legendary series of classic gaming era Prince of Persia. The sequel is basically the VR version developed by Ubisoft Escape Games known as The Dagger Of Time.

Prince Of PersiaPrince Of Persia: The Dagger Of Time’s Story Line

The Dagger Of Time is an amazing Virtual Reality Ubisoft Escape Game which is crafted in Prince Of Persia world making you have the experience of controlling the time for improving your decisions. If you have played the other three prequels, you’d know the history behind the dagger but if not even then you will know that this dagger was given to the prince by sand princesses so that he could revise his bad decision. 

In Prince Of Persia: The Sand Of Time, it was recovered by the princesses when the castle was falling apart given to the prince who kills zombie-soldiers and his zombie-father on his way. You can experience the impossible aspect game which can’t happen in real life, i.e slowing, pausing, or rewinding time with the help of a dagger.

During entire Prince Of Persia Trilogy including Sands of Time, Warrior Within, and The Two Thrones, the players are called to the castle of time by princess Kaileena. We are commanded to stop an evil Magi, where the dagger is restored by Kaileena restores and given to the players. After getting the dagger, the player reaches the Chamber Of Hourglass to stop Magi with the help of dagger.

The Dagger Of Time

The Dagger Of Time Gameplay 

A team of two to four players is moved forward in a quest of finding an escape from an imaginary Fortress of Time. The players have to work collaboratively to succeed by solving puzzles and working together. The main tactics behind those puzzles are the interaction with the objects by climbing, using certain powers and action, including time travel, time control, increased energy, etc.

The best thing about this VR version is you don’t need to have played any of the trilogies before playing The Dagger Of Time.


Key Objectives Of Ubisoft Escape Games

Ubisoft has compiled a great experience in The Dagger Of Time building with enough contribution between every age and era of gamers to accomplish a collaborative target. In this game, it is essential to collaborate which you can’t achieve without the help of your teammates. The actual key to success is communicating and listening effectively during the game and taking the right decision.

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