This time Epic thrilled us with the watery update of Fortnite. For now, things are running smoothly with the recent version, and it has attracted massive users to it. We can agree upon the successful marketing strategies of the developers of Fortnite here. 

Likewise, every update, this season’s battle pass is also filled with exciting goodies. We’re aware of the legendary Aquaman’s skins, which you can avail right after purchasing the battle pass. However, some players are unable to open Catty Corner’s vault and half of them are already anxious about the season’s end date. We’re here to keep you updated about everything thus, let’s get started right away! 

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The Epic Battle Pass 

Season 3 chapter 2 battle pass goes along with the flooded theme this time. It has various new skins such as Kit, Jules, and 100 Eternal Knight along with the new emotes, weapons, and the option to create your own umbrella. The premium battle pass can be availed by 950 V-Bucks. You can get 1,000 V-Bucks only for $10. Further, if you’re running tight on money, try to earn V-Bucks through various activities provided in the game. 

After purchasing a pass you will be rewarded with Ocean, Fade, Scuba Jonsey skins along with 1,500 V-Bucks, 7 Skins, 7 Emotes, 7 Emoticons, 3 Music tracks, 10 Loading screens, 8 Gliders, 7 Sprays, 7 Banners, 7 Harvesting tools, 6 Back bling, 5 Contrail, 6 Weapon wraps and keeping in mind the Aquaman’s legendary skins as well! 

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Aquaman’s Epic Skins


Everyone is drooling over the DC comic character ‘Aquaman’. Just like last season’s Deadpool, this time Aquaman has made into Fortnite. The character has 2 skins that you can achieve. To get the first golden one, you must complete the weekly challenges. Till now they have revealed only one mission, which is to use a whirlpool in Flotilla.

After completing challenges, you’ll unlock the golden skin of Aquaman. However, to get the shirtless one, you’ll be required to dive over the Gorgeous Gorge waterfall while wearing the other Aquaman outfit. To avoid the chance of running into other game players, try to land on the mountains at the top of the waterfall. Also, keep in mind to wear the golden skin before starting the match. 

How to get into Catty Corner Vault? 

With the updated version, some places have likewise been changed. This season’s challenge requires you to find and enter Catty Corner’s vault just like the vaults in season 2, which used to be guarded by boss characters. Here’s how you can complete this challenge;

Season 2’s old box factory in the southeast of the lazy lake has been replaced by Kit/Meowscles’ bachelor pad and that’s where you’ll find Catty corner. Have a riff-off with Kit, aka mini Meowscles who’d be piloting the robotic body. After killing him, take his keycard and head straight to the vault on the west side of a small area under the large storage container. Find the vault’s door and a keycard kiosk to interact with and the door will be opened. This mission has a reward of 35,000 XP and it’s considered as the easiest one so do it carefully. 

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Season’s end date

The splashdown season 03 chapter 02 of Fortnite eventually started on June 17 and faced a delay for multiple reasons. We expect the same thing with the new version, however; the season is expected to end on August 27 according to a piece of unofficial news. Although, Epic hasn’t confirmed it yet hence, keep playing until it lasts!  Also, don’t forget to check out other articles regarding the recent update of Fortnite. 

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