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Streets of Rage 4 All Set to Launch New Survival Mode on July 15

by Sadaf Ahmed

Streets of Rage 4 was released last year in April and turned out to be one of the best games of 2020. However, much to the excitement of all fans, the much-awaited Mr. X Nightmare add-on is to launch on July 15. As the official trailer was released, it also gave a glimpse of the new Survival Mode that has also been introduced.

Streets of Rage 4: Two variations on Survival Mode

As part of Survival Mode, players will be able to have simulation fights with the enemies and earn various perks and power-ups as a result. Dotemu also confirmed that there will be two variations in the mode i.e Random and Weekly. 

In Random, the fights will remain unpredictable through generated runs. On the other hand, Weekly will have a series of static gauntlets that will be generated every week.

In Streets of Rage 4’s Survival mode, the player uses the remnants of Mister X’s brain to enter a simulation. This simulation produces waves of enemies in trap-filled arenas. After a wave is beaten, you can choose between two Perks that remain active during your entire run.

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New Playable Characters

In addition, three new playable characters have also been introduced which has certainly increased the excitement among the fans. The new characters are as follows:

Max Thunder

A grappler for the experienced players as it can be very fast to play.

Estel Aguirre

Comparing to the other two, this character will have a very unique, direct, and hard-hitting playing style.


The character will have a lot of techniques that have been based on the creation of clones.

What are your thoughts about this survival mode update and new characters?

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