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Strange Brigade Flooded Nintendo eShop Post-Announcement in E3 2021

by Sadaf Ahmed

One of the quickfire announcements in yesterday’s Nintendo Direct at E3 2021 was the release of Strange Brigade, which is out now on the eShop. Moreover, there’s a 10% discount, and on the EU store, you can buy a base version or a deluxe edition that throws in the season pass and various DLC add-ons.

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Strange Brigade Trailer

Rebellion Development’s horde shooter, Strange Brigade earned some appreciation from major game analysts when it arrived on PS4, with its campaign doing plenty to shake up the normal patterns and throw in puzzles, traps, and boss fights; after the campaign is done there are various maps and challenges to tackle, too. This game gives you the freedom to either play solo or just opt for local/online co-op up to 4 players, either way, we can guarantee you’re going to enjoy Strange Brigade.

Game Features for Switch

As for Nintendo Switch features, Rebellion promises motion controls, HD Rumble, and Pro Controller support. Further, in terms of performance, it states that we have switch dynamic resolution for smoother gameplay at 30fps, so that Strange Brigade can run up to 1080p on TV and 720p on the handheld.

Keep us updated whether you have already tried it out on your Nintendo Switch console or planning to buy it from Nintendo eShop now!

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