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State of Play: Here’s What Sony Revealed in this Remarkable Event For 2021

by Sadaf Ahmed

State of Play was recently showcased by Sony primarily highlighting smaller indie games and effortlessly flaunting its futuristics PlayStation 5 console exclusive Deathloop. Team Sony has promised that there wouldn’t be any big news at the event, but it turned out to be more snoozing than expected.

State of Play Highlights

We got many sneak-peeks of new game announcements, teasers, and launch dates, but nothing that fundamentally changed the outlook for games on the PS5 and PS4 in the second half of this year. After Sony skipped out on E3’s all-digital return, gaming analysts were expecting a much bigger load of updates but it was relatively a quieter showcase that seems par for the course at this point following the global pandemic’s boost for the video game industry these last 16 months. 

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Following are all the game updates, Sony has brought for you in this State of Play:

A Moss: Book II is Under-Development

Our favorite and most adored Stuart Little is back in a new PSVR adventure. Hopefully, he finally finds his motorcycle.

Arcadegeddon: The New Hero Shooter

From the makers of Predator: Hunting Grounds and Friday the 13th: The Game. You’ll be able to play this fun Splatoon-looking multiplayer game on PS5 and PC when it’ll get a massive release in 2022.

Tribes of Midgard Details

The isometric action game looks indescribable but pretty. It’ll be out this month on July 27 and will hopefully tide us this summer.

The Battle Royale Cash-in is Still Rolling

Hunters Arena Legends is a live service dress-up brawler where you fight demons and other players coming leaving Early Access on PC and coming to PS4 and PS5 in August as part of PS Plus.

Demon Slayer:The Hinokami Chronicles has So Much Going on

The hype is genuine and promising given to the popular Demon Slayer anime. Sega’s video game adaptation has intrigued most of us and will be out on October 15 on PS4 and PS5.

Death Stranding PS5 Version

We all loved Hideo Kojima’s “Director’s Cut” that included new story missions, combat mechanics, and exceptional racing mode. However, in the State of Play, it was revealed that you get to upgrade the game from the PS4 version for just $10 on September 14.

Which one of these games excites you the most?

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