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Spike Chunsoft Puzzles Their Fans with 9-Eye Puzzle; Can it Be a Hint?

by Sadaf Ahmed

Spike Chunsoft who are exceptional makers of the brilliant Zero Escape series, the excellent Danganronpa series, and many other visual novels and narrative adventures, is here to tease their fans with something new.

Spike Chunsoft Puzzle

The website features nine eyes, each with puzzles on them. When we clicked on each of the puzzles, it’ll allow you to type in the answers in the form of letters granting you the password to type in at the bottom of the page. We faced a hard time figuring out what that is but we know for sure that it’s probably going to be exciting.

Spike Chunsoft

Theories About The Game

Not just us but many fans have found different clues as to what it might be. Others have different theories, like the fact that the mobile site’s icon is Clover from 999: Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors, there are nine eyes, and these types of puzzles are very similar to ones found in the Zero Escape games.

Reddit is flooding with Spike Chunsoft fans speculating different theories. The most interesting one was this puzzle means both games, combined into one, with Uchikoshi at the helm.

Once you solve the puzzles and work out the password, you can put it into the box at the bottom to get a skull with some numbers in its eyes. At the time of writing, the numbers were ticking down from 2300:12, which resets when you refresh the page. However, 2,300 minutes is around 38 hours from now.

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There’s also this SC video, which doesn’t tell us much, except that SKULLS are important, somehow. And you know where those skulls are leading us? Didn’t the protagonist of Virtue’s Last Reward have a skull? We can just guess here!

Should we expect a new Spike Chunsoft announcement within the week?

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