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Saints Row Reboot: Detailed gameplay footage leaked

by Yasir Khan

When the Saints Row reboot trailer was shown at Gamescom 2021, it received a huge amount of criticism from the fans, targeting the art style and the narrative of the game. However, hours ago a gameplay trailer has been leaked online by a YouTuber and on first look, it doesn’t look that bad. 

Here is the leak of the Saints Row reboot gameplay and it comes with commentary from the development team as they explain several aspects of the game. The quality of the video could be better but it’s enough to show where the game is headed and what can fans expect from the reboot. 


The trailer shows a major part of the combat, and for most of it, looks pretty close to the previous Saints Row series. Three major factions are shown, each with their own personality and the characters look detailed enough for the fans to enjoy. Each of the characters comes from one of these factions and have banded together to form the ‘Saints Row’. Hopefully, Deep Silver Volition drops the official trailer real soon so all of us can watch it in sweet 4K, 60 fps. 

Saints Row Release Date

The game is set to release on February 25, 2022. However, considering the recent trend of game delays, one can expect the release date to be pushed a little further back. 

In other news, Back 4 Blood gets a new campaign trailer, learn more about it here.

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