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RTX 3080 Super Spotted on HP’s Site as Refresh Rumors Build

by Hafsa Asim

Hp is all set to release its new all-in-one-pc soon. The  HP ENVY All-in-One PC is going to be here soon but has started rumors about RTX 3080 Super coming soon. Although, Hp has since changed the RTX 3080 Super to RTX 3080, the internet has caught it and well, saved it. 


Since this New Hp production is an all-in-one PC, it will be inclined to use more cooler, mobile version of the GPU instead of the desktop version of the GPU.

Despite the versions of GPUs to be used, the idea of NVIDIA’s RTX 3080 Super is phenomenal and we hope to see it shortly. 

Before we get too excited about it, we have to consider the possibility of it being a mistake. And because the word “Super” is now removed from the description, I would bet on it being a mistake. But the internet is definitely up on this case and the storm is in full effect at this stage, leading the people’s expectations higher for a complete line-up of 30-series Super cards. 

The tweet embedded above is from a reliable source kopite7kimi, which suggests that there are four new upcoming GPUs. However, we are not sure if these new cards will act as a replacement for their old versions. But looking back at when the super versions of NVIDIA’s 20-series replaced other versions, we can say that it might happen this time as well. 

Although, NVIDIA hasn’t made an official announcement about the performance of the Superseries but getting a whole range of new cards that are a bit more powerful compared to what already exists. 

The expected date for these cards is January 2022. However, you are expected to take this news with a grain of salt as nothing is official yet. 

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