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Review of FANTECH K511 Hunter Pro: Is It The Best Budget Gaming Keyboard?

by Hafsa Asim

As the title reads, FANTECH K511 Hunter Pro is one of the best budget gaming keyboards widely available in the gaming market. Aside from its low price, what makes FANTECH K511 Hunter Pro so remarkable is how its features get along with those prices. That said, let’s dive headfirst into what makes any gaming keyboard worth it.

The first thing to look out for and the most obvious is the size of your keyboard. There are mainly 2 sizes for a gaming keyboard; Full-size and TKL. The full-size as the name suggests has all the 104 (sometimes 105) keys along with a full QWERTY alphanumeric section, the number pad, function keys, and the four cursor keys. Full-size keyboards are wider in size, hence might be too big for your surface.

If you want something smaller to fit, your desktop, or you are annoyed by the unnecessary space covered by the number pad then you might want to opt for a TKL keyboard. The TKL or the “tenkeyless” keyboard is the one without the number pad. Except for the removal of the number pad, everything else is intact; the function, alphabet, and cursor keys are complete.

Secondly, consider the gut of the keyboard, that is, the usual Mechanical vs. Membrane debate. The gut of the keyboard stands for the way by which the keys register that they have been pressed, how they have been pressed, and the sound when they are pressed.

Most standard keyboards use the -inexpensive silicon/rubber layer- membrane technology under each key. The membrane technology lacks the “click” sound making it hard to know from a tactile point of view that you have pressed the key. While there is nothing wrong with this technology, it just makes it hard for gamers to understand.

What you want, is a mechanical keyboard, and while these are a decade-long outdated on the appearance front they still are your best shot at PC gaming. These keyboards have a mechanical switch under each tall keys. These switches have their housings, springs, and stems resulting in 3 different types of “clicks”. Most mechanical keys can withstand 40-50 million clicks before you need to replace them.

The third aspect of a decent gaming keyboard is its Customization and Macro buttons. You need to check if your keyboard can provide you with an edge when it comes to speed and personal preferences. Some gaming keyboards provide the luxury of Macro buttons.

These buttons are a dedicated set of buttons programmed to execute in-game macros. These buttons are saved with long commands for games like World of Warcraft, where instead of typing multiple actions commands repeatedly, you just dedicate them all to one button.

The fourth point to consider is key rollover and anti-ghosting. While playing a game there is always a need to press keys simultaneously- ghosting. In normal keyboards, this is considered a mistake and is often let go of, which might result in disastrous gaming.

To avoid this conflict, gaming keyboards have an “n-key rollover,” where n is the number of keys that can be pressed at the same time. You won’t need a keyboard that can support every single key pressed simultaneously, but the higher than “n” number, the more flexible the gaming keyboard will be.

Gaming keyboards also have anti-ghosting features, which enhances their association with mixed signals.

Lastly, the backlit illumination might seem a bit excessive and more ornamental than functional. However, they are an important factor to look for especially if you like to play in the dark. The rainbow spectrum on the keyboard is to highlights zones on the board so the players don’t always have to think for when pressing the key.

FANTECH K511 Hunter Pro Specs and Features 

  • Full Size
  • Membrane
  • Anti-ghosting
  • Backlit illumination
  • Customization is possible
Polling rate1000 Hz
Weight (Without cable)645g
Dimensions  458 × 187 × 34m

Decent Features

Apart from fulfilling the criteria of a worthy gaming keyboard, FANTECH K511 Hunter Pro takes it up a notch with all these specs. Although the gaming keyboard isn’t a mechanical keyboard, it still offers a lot. To begin with, it has 19 anti-ghosting keys, which means that there is an enhanced association with mixed signals, and no press will go unnoticed, promising you a powerful gaming experience. 

Moving onto the 1000Hz polling rate that FANTECH K511 Hunter Pro offers; essentially means that your keys report input to your computer 1000 times per second, which is a promising sign for your gaming experience. The 1000 Hz polling rate is how fast your keyboard communicates with your computer, in addition to being a testament to its responsiveness. Now you can let go of the unnecessary worry that your commands will not be heard. 


Lastly, don’t forget the 12 media keys on FANTECH K511 Hunter Pro, which are special keys that allow you to control media on your system. A common use of these media keys is to play/stop the media from your keyboard. These media keys allow users to interact and control media files, like songs, in a very easy way. 

Backlit Illumination 

Like any other aesthetically pleasing gaming keyboard, FANTECH K511 Hunter Pro offers you a rainbow spectrum from which to choose your RGB lighting. The rainbow spectrum on the keyboard is to highlights zones on the board so that you don’t always have to think for when pressing the key. FANTECH K511 Hunter Pro allows you to set up five different color zones at your keyboard at one time to distinguish between your keys, consequently making gaming easier for you. 

Conclusion: Should You Buy It?

Well given the price of this thing, Rs, 2750, and the features accompanying it you should definitely think about it. It is perfect for people looking to try a gaming keyboard for the first time and don’t want to spend a lot of money on it. So go ahead and order it now

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