Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness to Introduce New Stills of Claire
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Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness to Introduce New Stills of Claire

by Hafsa Asim

Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness is one of the many adaptations releasing this year that will take you into a world of zombies and biological nightmares that was initially created by Capcom as a video game franchise. The streaming service will be separated into little live-in actions TV shows as Netflix is preparing fans to release this original animated series late this summertime. The series will cast legendary actor Lance Reddick as the classic baddy Albert Wesker who will be seen raising a family, which will be dealing with his reprehensible past.

As the new animated series will progress it will dive into some new and dangerous adventures at the White House in addition to bringing back classic characters such as Leon Kennedy and Claire Redfield. The two were introduced in Resident Evil 2 via the first PlayStation console of Sony with a pair of gun wielders trying to get across the Zombie-infested Raccoon city. Since then we have seen the duo in many other scenarios and both of them will be seen in the upcoming series as part of the President’s entourage.

Left: Leon Kennedy , Right: Claire Redfield

Netflix Geeked shared the new images of Claire Redfield from the new Resident Evil series.

Apart from the many adaptations hitting your screens this year, the latest video game of spooky video game franchise, Resident Evil Village, is making headlines since its release earlier this year. Neither Leon Kennedy nor Claire Redfield makes appearances in the eighth volume of the game as it shows the past era of the series where Ethan Winters and Chris Redfield return, while the latter returns from the first game where he played the big role of terrifying European Town. 

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