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Red Dead Online: Blood Money Update Release on June 7

by Hafsa Asim

Red Dead Online: Blood Money is getting a “big new update” that was announced by Rockstar Games on Tuesday. Later it was revealed that more information about the update of Red Dead Online: Blood Money is going to be making headlines today, that is, June 7 along with the trailer of the game. True to their words, Rockstar Games posted a tweet less than an hour ago.

Red Dead Online – The Quick Draw Club

The new update comprises The Quick Draw Club, a series of four distinctive rapid-fire passes in succeeding installments. The clubs and their passes are made for each specific personality of the criminal mastermind. The membership of Red Dead Online’s Quick Draw Club enables you to get rewards, bonuses, and other items to ease life in the lawlessness of the land.

Access to the Quick Draw Club No.1 can grant you:

  • Dutch’s Redcliff Outfit
  • The Whitchurch Cattleman Revolver Variant
  • The Rushword Shirt
  • The Fircroft Hat
  • Up to 25 Gold Bars and More

With each new installment of The Quick Draw Club, players will be granted access to the 25 Ranks of Rewards for 25 Gold Bars. It is advised to earn 25 Gold Bars back for every pass by powering through all 25 ranks of the installment. If you wish to earn a free Halloween Pass 2 in addition to added perks of each consecutive pass, then you might want to purchase all four installments of The Quick Draw Club.

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