Razer is known to be one of the most successful computer hardware manufacturing organizations. The company is popular for encouraging gamers from all over the world to join in the field. It has also made some classic additions and improvements within the gaming industry.

During these tough pandemic days, many franchises have started taking measures to ease the tension. Razer in association with Intel, another globally renowned developers of revolutionary processors, have taken an initiative of hosting a tournament in which teams from around Europe can participate.

Valorant Contenders Cup 2020 by Razer & Intel

The latest update by Razer’s Twitter account announced that the company has teamed up with Intel to host a huge tournament named Valorant Contenders Cup. As the news broke, many gamers from every part of Europe have jumped in for participating in this international tournament.



After Razer’s announcement, many renowned Valorant players gathered around to apply for the tournament. Many of them registered and the best of the best target extended from 64 teams. Thus, Razer team decided to expand the selected bracket of teams to 128, offering more teams to participate and win the prize.

All the team captains are advised to join discord, or else they’ll be disqualified. Surprisingly, this tournament is solely organized by Intel and Razer and it has nothing to do with Riot Games or Valorant Esports. The franchise hasn’t sponsored or affiliated this versatile competition.  

It is said that the teams are already sorted based on previous competitions and rankings.

Winning Prize

Razer and Intel have also announced that the winning team of the Valorant Contenders Cup 2020 will get cash prizes of up to €1000 with additionally exclusive peripherals by Razer.

Live Stream

Most gamers from different parts of the world will be disheartened as they can’t participate in the Valorant Contender’s cup. However, they can catch the live stream and get a chance to win up to 10 exclusive Viper mice by Razer through voting. You can watch the live stream on Twitch.tv/Razer.

Razer & Intel Valorant Cup: Date & Time

The first day of the tournament will be on 3rd October 2020, Saturday, at 1:30 PM CEST. While the second day will be on 4th October 2020, Sunday, at 12:00 PM CEST. However, it’ll be broadcast after Ro32.

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