Razer, being one of the most renowned hardware manufacturers, Razer is widespread, especially for its exquisite designs and sleek look. The brand is known to put in efforts for detailing the features loved and demanded by the people worldwide. That’s the main reason; Razer has one of the most important places among the hardware manufacturing companies worldwide.

Razer Naga

There are all types of gamers interested in all sorts of games, and most of those games aren’t even operable without a mouse. The mouse is essentially the core element when starting a gaming life. However, the problem faced by most of the left-handed gamers is that mainly all sorts of the mouse are designed right-handed gamer specific. No brands pay much attention to the mouse’s design, either they’re neutral for both types to play or just for right-handed people. 

Lefties make up around 10% of the world’s population; thus, they want a brand to recognize their preferences. Fortunately, Razer is there to rescue. A series of a passionate plea from the left-handed gamers on different social media platforms to design a left-handed specific mouse. Addressing their query, Razer had considered remaking the Naga Trinity designed to have ergonomic features. This means that the thumb which was previously on the left for right-handed people will be switched to the new version.

Announcement By Razer

Around a year ago, Razer announced its idea of bringing back the Razer Naga but with the left-handed edition this time. In 2019, The CEO and the co-founder of Razer Min-Liang Tan stated that this venture is on the expensive side; thus, it would require massive investment.

He also highlighted that Razer has observed that the ratio for right-handed mice’s shipment in a single day is the same as that of left-handed rodents in six years. Adding that Razer CEO lamented that manufacturing that lineup would be costly to Razer as the demand is turning relatively low. However, the production process is still in consideration for the left-handed mice. 


Left-handed Challenges

Many of the left-handed gamers experience many physical, thus in-game challenges because of the mice. Razer Naga, especially for the left-handed gamers, will bring a notable change in their gaming routine, reflecting their lives. Thus, the production of Razer Naga continued and got it to the latest version.

However, recently, Razer confirmed that the new left-handed Naga isn’t the series’s latest iteration. One of the best gaming mice for right-handed people is the Naga Trinity, and when it is swapped, it’ll be the newest iteration for left-handed gamers.

The design of Razer Naga left-handed edition has been kept entirely original, giving a complete set of 19 functional buttons on the right side. However, these buttons aren’t placed precisely behind the curve. This left-handed mice is lighter, having a unique Focus+ optical sensor, and is sensitive on the top, offering faster tracking and acceleration.

Razer has taken its initial step towards entering the world of left-handed peripherals, and this decision has been appreciated worldwide. Most of the best mouse for left-handed gamers are ambidextrous and not entirely for left-handed people. They have a slight ergonomic design keeping it lefty-friendly. The only mice that stood out in these terms are the Deathadder, but unfortunately, it was also discontinued

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