As most people say, cloud gaming is the future, and even right now, we have a lot of gaming streaming services. These services require you to have a good internet connection. So what makes Rainway different from the several already out there? Well, one compelling reason to try it is that it’s free, which makes it available to a broader range of audience since many people shy away from trying streaming services because of the cost. 

This streaming service also requires you to host the game on your PC, and once that’s done, you can play the game anywhere be it your old laptop or even your smartphone. Imagine playing GTA 5 a controller and your smartphone far away from your PC. Rainway also offers a much smoother experience compared to what we get with other streaming services. The latency is almost unnoticeable, and the graphics were optimum. But well as with other major services, you will also go through several client glitches and technical difficulties. Here you can see Rainway running Doom Eternal on an android device.


The interface features a minimal, polished tiled look, and there is a separate section for your game and settings. There you’ll find all the games installed on your host PC. Regardless of which device you are using to play on, the interface stays almost the same.  

However, you’ll notice a difference in the way the settings work when it comes to individual devices. For example, when you game on the Rainway Web interface, there are only three quality options to choose from Fast, Balanced, or Beautiful. But if you use Rainway on the iPad, you’ll notice how you’ll have four streaming quality options to choose from. 

Rainway – All your games in one place

Rainway- A Completely Free Game Streaming service

When first launched, you’ll see how good is Rainway at picking games from your PC and presenting them to you through their tile interface. Games from most known launchers are pulled without any problems. Once in a while, you may need to open the game through the original launcher for them to show up, but overall it won’t be much of a hassle. If some game you are trying to play doesn’t appear, then you can add the game by adding them as a non-Steam game.  

Link your Steam account

Not a while back Rainway just got another feature that would increase the overall convenience of the service. Now you can link your Steam account with Rainway and download games which aren’t currently downloaded on your PC. This helps those with new builds and is a small yet nice feature to have. 

Input methods and button layouts

Rainway- A Completely Free Game Streaming service

Suppose you are someone who doesn’t carry controllers around with your smartphone devices than you would have to rely on the touchscreen for input completely. In that case, Rainway gives you three ways you can play your games. The best way will be to connect a controller, and if that’s not available then you can either play through a nebulous “touch” control scheme, which helps in playing point and click-based games, or you can use the on-screen button layout. The button layout works fine, but if you are playing an intense game, the virtual buttons will not provide the optimum experience. 

Performance & Latency

When it comes to game streaming services, your performance depends on a whole range of different factors. Your internet speed, the distance of your PC from the router, the specs of your host PC and even the device you are gaming on. This makes measuring the performance of Rainway somewhat tricky. 

For the best performance, it’s recommended to keep your PC connected to your router through an ethernet connection. It’s also recommended to keep your host PC in the same room as your router. 

The amount of latency can vary from game to game. One game might run exceptionally well while others may be the victim of annoying stutters. Moreover, the on-screen latency was also way more than what Rainway claimed. 

Beware of audio problems

A lot of audio problems have been reported with Rainway. Some games start with no audio at all, and others get huge stutters. Sometimes a simple reset fixes them, but other times you might not be so lucky. Rainway has addressed the issue and proposed some workarounds, but those are hit or miss. 

Streaming games offer a very magical dream to play triple AAA games anywhere on anything regardless of how far your host PC is. Still, it is also plagued by a variety of different problems. However, Rainway has been updated several times and looks like a promising service to try game streaming if you haven’t before. And the service is free, so what you got to lose?

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Yasir Raees Khan

Yasir Raees Khan

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