Jam-packed with new Content, Rainbow Six Siege’s new operation Shadow Legacy is now available with features that almost make the game look like a renewed version of the initial 2015 version.


Shadow Legacy is the 19th season of Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege. Ubisoft’s one of the best game has been changed a lot throughout the years as they have been listening to the community and their senior game developers. The game is one of its kinds, this is the reason behind the game’s immense success.

New Content

Shadow Legacy is overflowing with content. After years Ubisoft has released so much content in a single year.

Zero (Sam Fisher)

Rainbow Six Siege’s new operation Shadow Legacy is now available

Sam Fisher from splinter cell is the latest operator added to the rooster. Splinter Cell fans have been ambiguous for what will become of their favorite protagonist so Ubisoft finally listened to the fans and brought the CIA Superspy with the new season. His ability is the Argus Launcher. It is equipped with very special cameras that can lodge themselves into a breakable and reinforced surface to surveil either side. Each cam also comes with single laser fire. His loadout consists of:

  • MP7.
  • New AR SC3000K.
  • 5.7 USG as a sidearm.
  • Frag grenades and claymore as gadgets.

New Scopes

Rainbow Six Siege’s new operation Shadow Legacy is now available


  • A variant of red dot
  • 3rd variant of Holographic sight
  • 1.5x, or mini ACOG
  • 2.0 scope for most attackers and Rook on defence
  • 3.0 scope for DMRs
  • The ability to change the colour of a radicle

Ping System 2.0

The ping system has been completely redefined as now the attackers can mark every defenders’ trap/device/camera and everything in the defenders’ disposal that will help them. The defenders are also able to mark attacker drones.

Replay Option

Players can now rewatch their matches to overcome their mistakes and the opponents’ attacking strategy.

Map Ban

In ranked, both teams will have the pool of 3 maps, from which each team can ban one map.

Chalet Rework

Chalet has been in the line to be reworked for a long time, now finally the map has a fresh feel to it as the map has been changed to some extent, if u want to learn insane angles and spawn peaks be sure to check Rainbow Six Siege YouTuber Coconut Brah’s detailed video:


The most banned operator of the previous year, thatcher has been reworked as now his EMP grenades will not destroy electronics but will make them disabled for a short period of time

With the introduction of the hard breach charge, new sights and scopes, the change to the DSEG 1.2, and other gameplay balancing updates in this update; we’re holding off on operator-related balancing changes for the time being to evaluate their impact.


Maverick now has an additional blowtorch canister, with 6 in all (up from 5).

This gives players more leniency when rationing their fuel to open hatches. On average it requires approximately 2.3 canisters to open a hatch, so an extra canister will be a bit more forgiving of mistakes

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  • Montagne: Hard breach charge replacing Stun Grenades.
  • Ying: Hard breach charge replacing Breach Charges.
  • Fuze: Hard breach charge replacing Smoke Grenades.
  • Finka: Hard breach charge replacing Breach Charges.
  • Amaru: Hard breach charge replacing Claymore.
  • Nøkk: Hard breach charge replacing Breach Charges.
  • Capitão: Hard breach charge replacing Stun Grenades.
  • Lion: Hard breach charge replacing Claymore.

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