PUBG Leak Reveals a New Revive Mechanic
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PUBG Leak Reveals a New Revive Mechanic

by Hafsa Asim

PUBG players are up for a fight if anything about the new leaks is true. PUBG players were seen picking themselves up, through self-revive mechanics, from the ground in a recent video. The video suggested that the mechanic of the said kind would be coming to the game soon. As per rumors, the mechanic was in the works for a while now, but it seems it’s coming sooner than we expected with the release of the animated video.

PlayerIGN, a well-known PUBG leaker shared the video on his Twitter account showing the self-revive animation in action. Although the video was brief, if you are familiar with battle royale games the mechanic won’t be so dissimilar after all.

Some of you might find the sequence a bit typical- Players go down, players find cover, and players revive themselves. However, it does not resemble any syringe as shown in the video but is quite different as if energy is bursting through the player like a shot of adrenaline to put them to the fight.

Evidently, all of what we have is a video to go on now and no one is sure as to how this system will work in the current model of the game. Chances are that it would only be available to a just game mode at first given that things are on trial–and–error in PUBG Labs before the mechanic will be available to the full game mode.  

PlayerIGN also suggested that the self-revive mechanic was under construction way longer than players can anticipate; this type of feature was under development since 2018 based on what was seen in the files and there will definitely be a meaningful explanation for launching the feature after such a long time.

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