Overwatch : The Wait Is Over As the Cross-Play Is Finally On the Way
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Overwatch: Beware As the Cross-Play Is Finally On the Way

by Hafsa Asim

Overwatch cross-play beta on Xbox, Nintendo SwitchPC, and PlayStation, all thanks to the new update of the global battle.net. However, the exact date of when might the cross-play takes place has not been set yet. To assist players so they don’t have to switch between regions to challenge each other, a regional friend playlist has been merged by battle.net update. The regional playlist includes all the regions except for China.

If some of you might think that the decision for an Overwatch cross-play is quite random, it is because you have been in the dark regarding players wishing a cross-play for a long time now. Blizzard Entertainment has been well aware of the request from the fans.

Last year, as part of the Reddit AMA, Jeff Kaplan, former Director Overwatch, said “This (cross-play) is something we’re passionate about and discovering”. Calling this “Cross-play Beta” leaves all of us in some sort of confusion. You can read about it from an official source.

How to access the Overwatch Cross-play?

To access the live cross-play players are required to use the new battle.net account features. To put it simply, Battle.net will be used as a bridge to connect players via multiple platforms. As we inferred from the FAQs and the announcement, the process is relatively straightforward and easy. To make the process more fun, blizzard has announced a Golden loot box for anyone who participates in Cross-play beta by logging into Overwatch by December 31st.
Keep in mind that the Cross-play is not live yet, but is on its way. The game itself is at present accessible for the Nintendo Switch, PC PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Overwatch 2 is in progress, and we are to expect it to launch on the same platforms, including Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation.

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