Earlier this week, we saw a video dropped by Nvidia showing their engineers discussing the design of a graphics card. Through the video, we got an idea of what Nvidia has in store for us, with the confirmation that Nvidia will be using a new 12-pin connector which will replace the old and more commonly used 8-pin connector. Nvidia says that the new connector will be smaller in size compared to the 8-pin one, but will be able to deliver more power. 

Nvidia RTX 3090 leaked images

NVIDIA RTX 3000 Graphics Card - Details by NVIDIA, Leaked images


NVIDIA RTX 3000 Graphics Card - Details by NVIDIA, Leaked imagesPhoto credits: @GarnetSunset

@GarnetSunset also claims the price of the 3090 to be $1400

We also got another tweet which showed the supposed renders new 3090 Zotac card. It shows the 3090 Zotac card having a three PCI slot design along with a three fan cooling system. 

NVIDIA RTX 3000 Graphics Card - Details by NVIDIA, Leaked imagesPhoto credits: @sfdxpro

An adapter for 8-pin power supplies

For those of you worrying about getting a new power supply, Nvidia did explain that won’t be necessary since the graphics card will come with an adapter that will make the 12-pin connecter compatible with the PCIe 8-pin cables. The design of the cooler of the Founders Edition graphics card and the oddly shaped PCB have also been confirmed in the video.  

According to VideoCardz, we also got claims that the RTX 3090 will come with a 24GB of GDDR6X memory, and the RTZ 3080 with a 10GB of GDDR6X memory. Since both of these graphics cards have a much larger difference in terms of memory capacity, Nvidia has decided that a 3080Ti will not be available at launch.

To understand how air flows through a system, Nvidia’s engineering team has made use of computational fluid dynamics tools. This leads them to make a change to the PCB design, adjusting different places for the cooling fans, and tweaking the software responsible for controlling the fans.  

The heatsink and fan tweaks are just like the leaked images showed them to be, which confirms their validity. Nvidia will release the rest of the details during their 21 August event.

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