Nintendo Switch comes back with an OLED display: Public showcase in Japan
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Nintendo Switch comes back with an OLED display: Public showcase in Japan

by Yasir Khan

The ‘Nintendo Switch Pro’ never came, and instead we got the same Switch with a 7-inch OLED screen, minor design tweaks, increased internal storage, and a better kickstand. Most would call it the same Switch with just a bigger screen, and even though on paper it’s just that, the screen greatly improves the user experience and is more than enough reason for the OLED Switch to exist. 

The colors are more vibrant as they tend to be with OLED displays, and games look better with a huge margin on the 7-inch display. When the Nintendo Switch’s OLED model is kept side by side with the base model, the screen difference is more than apparent. In one place, the OLED’s screen is brighter, sharper, and full of colors whereas the base model now looks dim in comparison. 

Here are some of the official pictures of the new model: 

Nintendo Switch OLED Public Showcase in Japan

Just recently the new Switch model was on public display at various retailers around the world, and as expected, it’s priced at $349.99/ 59,000 PKR. As people went to see the device for themselves, several ‘hands-on’ impressions were made and most of them were positive, appreciating the 7-inch screen and the vibrant colors of the OLED display. The OLED model also has smaller bezels than its predecessor, and it looks better too. 

Burn-in concerns

Everyone who has used an OLED knows what dangers it comes with. Burn-in concerns have been plaguing OLED displays since it first launched and even though the problem has been significantly reduced, it’s still there. Nintendo has addressed the issue by claiming they aimed for longevity for the Nintendo Switch OLED model, and have taken steps to reduce it. Here’s Nintendo’s official statement: 

“We’ve designed the OLED screen to aim for longevity as much as possible, but OLED displays can experience image retention if subjected to static visuals over a long period of time. However, users can take preventative measures to preserve the screen [by] utilizing features included in the Nintendo Switch systems by default, such as auto-brightness function to prevent the screen from getting too bright, and the auto-sleep function to go into ‘auto sleep’ mode after short periods of time.”

Release Date

The new Nintendo Switch will launch worldwide on October 8 with a retail price of $349.99/ 59,000 PKR.

In other news, Xbox reveals its October Game Pass lineup, read about it here.

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