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Nintendo Switch Firmware Saga Finally Terminated as Error 2123-1502 Fixed

by Sadaf Ahmed

The Nintendo Switch firmware saga seems to be finished as console players are suggesting that the error code 2123-1502 has been fixed by the team. Earlier this month, the Switch consoles were updated enhancing up to the 12.0.3 version, however, turned out to be showing the error code which initially prevented players from downloading and updating the games, however, later many problems gradually appeared. Yet, the Nintendo team couldn’t discover the solution for this error up till now.

It was reported that the 2123-1502 error code has been fixed after some scheduled maintenance occurred on June 20th. After much disruption, some Switch gaming analysts suggested on June 18 that there will be maintenance scheduled for June 29 and it is quite possible that Nintendo will be fixing this firmware error during that period. However, they were informed by the others that a huge number of players are reporting that the error code problem had been resolved thanks to a server side update.

Many others on Twitter are also reporting that the newest version of the 12.0.3 update is live and works, which means the 2123-1502 error code does not appear when trying to download a game or updating it, etc.

Nintendo Switch Firmware Saga

Well, this is quite happening news for the Switch community as anyone who had downloaded 12.0.3, during the error, before users and Nintendo realized it had problems.

This whole Nintendo Switch firmware saga scenario began when Fortnite, a game quite popular on Switch, was live and left many players unable to update Fortnite to the latest season, however, the Switch gamers know that the update originally starts as the newest season is released. Moreover, some people weren’t able to download updates for their games or even download new games.

Unfortunately during E3 2021, many Switch consoles were unable to download games, which was a specifically awaited time for video games.

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