Emulation is not only fun; it’s necessary for the gaming community. It’s important because it helps us play retro games that would have been lost if there was no emulation. Android phones have recently been a very efficient platform for emulating as you have emulators of many major retro consoles. 

Anything from the Nintendo DS and even older systems like the NES can be played on a smartphone. Now the problem comes when emulating fairly new systems. The Nintendo Switch emulator was nothing more of a concept just a few months ago. However, Wololo recently showed a new Nintendo Switch emulator that cannot only boot games but also run some at playable speeds. 

Stolen code and dodgy translations 

Now the problem is that the company behind the emulator has been accused online of stealing code from Yuzu, a Nintendo Switch emulator for PC. The developer behind Yuzu has also issued an official statement, stating their code has been used in the new emulator. The problem is that Yuzu’s code is licensed under GPLv2, but the new Switch’s emulator is closed source. The company behind the emulator also claims that they are an American Studio; however, their website is still filled with low-quality English translations, and the emulator also has some text in Chinese. 

You need a controller to even run the emulator

A Nintendo Switch Emulator has appeared and it is able to run some titles surprisingly well

Photo Credit: Taki Udon

Another shady thing about the new emulator is how you can only play through a specific controller. The emulator won’t even launch without the controller connected, and the controller also costs about $99.99 (Rs 16,647.46). After you get your hands on the controller, you cannot play without logging in into their website. Additionally, the controller is available for pre-order, and only reviewers have used it at the moment.  

There have been rumors all over the internet about how the company behind the emulator might have developed it so they can sell their expensive joystick. The emulator itself could be spoofed so that it could support other controllers, but the emulator is heavily protected against debugging and patching. 

Games are playable on the Nintendo Switch emulator 

The Nintendo Switch emulator itself looks pretty good as it can already run some Nintendo Switch titles with only minor slowdowns. The video of this was demonstrated by Taki Udon. He ran the emulator on a Realme X50 Pro 5G. We also get confirmation from ETAPrime that the emulator exists and is working. You can watch the video right here where Taki Udon shows various Nintendo titles’ gameplay. 

This comes without question that the emulator will need a very beefy phone to run. It would run on only the flagship SoCs which include Qualcomm Snapdragon 855/855+/865/865+. Weaker devices have no chance of running the emulator for now. It has been claimed that the emulator is compatible with up to 81 titles, with 73 of them being unplayable. It might take some time to be optimized and even then this emulator will not be able to run on a large number of smartphones.  

So should you give this emulator a try?

A Nintendo Switch Emulator has appeared and it is able to run some titles surprisingly well

The video shows how games are running quite well on the emulator, but it’s best to wait for now. The $99.99 controller hasn’t even started shipping, and there’s no way to play the emulator without it. Even if it did start shipping, buying a $99.99 joystick to run an emulator with stolen code does not seem like a really good idea right now. The name of the emulator has been avoided due to copyright issues. We really hope an emulator that has not been into such shady practices show up as it’s incredible seeing the Switch running on an Android.

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Yasir Raees Khan

Yasir Raees Khan

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