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Nintendo Releasing a Wide Array of Games This June

by Sadaf Ahmed

June is bringing many sorts of development proposed by team Nintendo earlier this year. Not only a Nintendo Switch Pro, E3 2021 association but most importantly an extensive number of games only dedicated to this month. At this time, every Nintendo Switch user may be wondering, what games will be releasing this June to make our summer magical!

Till the actual release isn’t there for the upgraded console i.e Nintendo Switch Pro, it is advised to fill your gaming stubs with your current console and get excited about this gaming-filled season. Nintendo has announced a massive series of games related to every genre and every gamer’s type this month and people all over the world are more than amazed.

Main Nintendo Switch Games for June 

June is undoubtedly the gaming month as every console is releasing or announcing its specialty. 

Mario Gulf: Super Rush

For Nintendo, the highlight of the month is probably Mario Golf: Super Rush, the latest installment in the golf series starring characters from the Mario franchise. This game introduces Speed Golf, a new mode where players golf simultaneously in a race to complete the hole before their opponents. There’s also a story mode called Golf Adventure that contains RPG-like progression mechanics.

Game Builder Garage

Another game that should be on your bucket list is Game Builder Garage. Locate and navigate it on your radar, if you have ever got the fantasy to design and develop your very own video game. This game uses NODON to teach you the basics of game design and visual programming with step-by-step lessons. If you have an interest in game design, this is undoubtedly a game you should be checking out.

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Destroy All Humans!

Another game that tempted us the most with its title and we’re especially looking forward to slaying it is Destroy All Humans! It is a 2005 remake of the original open-world action-adventure designed as a parody of Cold War-era alien invasion films.

More Games Include

Stonefly – June 1

Astalon: Tears of the Earth – June 3

Wing of Darkness – June 3

DC Super Hero Girls: Teen Power – June 4

Griftlands – June 4

Ninja Gaiden: Master Collection – June 10

Game Builder Garage –  June 11

Alex Kidd in Miracle World DX – June 24

The Caligula Effect 2 – June 24

Legend of Mana – June 24

Samurai Warriors 5 – June 24

The Wicked King and the Noble Hero – June 24

Cotton Reboot! – June 25

Mario Golf: Super Rush – June 25

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1+2 – June 25

Destroy All Humans! – June 29

Ghoul Patrol – June 29

Zombies At My Neighbors – June 29

Which of these games are you planning to enjoy this month? Share your favorites in the comments!

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