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New Xbox Feature Called Play Later as September 2021 Update

by Hafsa Asim

As part of Xbox’s new console update, it has added a new feature called “Play Later”. As we all know, Xbox has some amazing games for its players and sometimes people have a hard time keeping track of what to play next. To help people with this issue, Microsoft has introduced a new feature, Play Later, which as the name suggests lets you tick off games in the XGP library that you want to play in the future. Play Later is part of the September update and will be available to use later in the week. 

Although this update might not seem like much at first but think about it for a second. Imagine, that you’ve just finished a  game you’ve been interested in and now you are waiting for something new to come out, but you also want to check out some other XGP games in the meantime. 

So you browse the list of games on your console and make mental notes of everything you might want to play, but by the time you’ve gotten to the bottom of the list, you’ve forgotten which ones you prioritized. To save yourself from that hassle, you can now employ Play Later to help you prioritize. 

To make it easier for you to use, Xbox has tried to make Play Later as user-friendly as possible. All you have to do to save the game into your Play Later playlist is to press the X button on a game that’s in the XGP catalog and it’ll be stored in your Play Later list to revisit at a different time. 

Xbox App


Apart from introducing Play Later, the September update also granted users new ways to access games via the Xbox app. You can now utilize Cloud Gaming through the Xbox app on Windows PCs to quickly hop into XGP games, and if you’ve got a console, you can now use the app to play games on PCs via Xbox remote play.

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