New Halo Infinite Leak Confirms Return of a fan-favorite Vehicle
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New Halo Infinite Leak Confirms Return of a fan-favorite Vehicle

by Hafsa Asim

A new leak for the upcoming installment of Halo infinite, in the long-running Xbox series, is the return of a fan-favorite vehicle that first starred in Halo 3. After an online leak of Halo Infinite, official calendar this week a substantial amount of varying information was revealed about the game. This revealed calendar consisted of information about the “fan-favorite vehicle” or “the brute chopper”, a Type-25 Rapid Assault Vehicle that was launched back in Halo 3 as a ground assault vehicle for covenant loyalists and in the exclusive use of Jiralhanae.

In the past, there has been talking about whether the chopper would make it back or not, but given that the Brutes are back, it makes sense that the chopper would return too.

Halo infinite: The infamous Brute Chopper

The Halo wiki defines the vehicle to be a dual-wheeled assault vehicle, that is heavily armored that is kept in the air by a gravity array sticking out from under the seat at the rear and a massive double wheel at the front- supporting and balancing the vehicle by its axis of gravity.

The chopper is a powerful one with 35mm auto-cannons that can take down most on-ground vehicles with unsurprising ease, the front is adorned with large blades that are known to instantly terminate any dainty armored vehicle by bumping into it.

We are a bit uncertain if the vehicle will be in the campaign, multiplayer, or both, given that no official sources have spoken about the leak yet. Many would bet the answer to this question is the latter, but for now, we would suggest holding onto any bets as we are not sure yet.

Halo infinite release date

A global release is expected for Halo infinite sometime this holiday season via the Xbox Series X, Xbox One, PC, and Xbox Series S. Although right now, no official date has been selected for the release, fans have high hopes for all of this to change E3 2021.

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