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New GTA Online Update and GTA 5 PlayStation Showcase 2021 Trailer

by Hafsa Asim

GTA Online has gotten a new weekly update on Thursday and the theme is all about bikes and bonuses. If you were to know in detail, then this week is about bikes – riding bikes, racing bikes, and using bikes to make money. And as a cherry on top, Rockstar Games is giving out bonuses to players and is offering discounts on bikes and related vehicles.

The biggest bonus of the week is related to Hasta La Vista mode. Players will have to ride bicycles around Los Santos while avoiding pursuers. If they are successful in doing so then this week will net you three times the RP and GTA$ earnings.


In an overview of the featured game mode, bicycling is considered quite dangerous around Los Santos given that bikers are out for you. To emphasize more on the dangers and winning, it said ‚ÄúSurvive or end up a smear on the side of the road. Whatever the outcome, all players who complete a round of Hasta La Vista will earn triple GTA$ and RP, all week long.”

Apart from trying out that mode, you can simply compete in some Bike Races this week for twice the rewards, and if you’re feeling lucky, you can try to win a motorbike that’s featured this week within the Diamond Casino & Resort.

You can visit the lobby of Diamond Casino & Resort to get in on the two-wheeled action, Rockstar Games pointed out.

Since this update was released after Rockstar Games announced delaying the release of the version of GTA V, the trailer embedded above was flooded with dislikes. Well, this was the weekly update, and perhaps in the next week or so we’ll see something a bit more rewarding released in the weekly updates.

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