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New Call of Duty 2021 Name and Logo Leaks on

by Hafsa Asim

Call of Duty’s new game is coming out this year by Sledgehammer Games. The new game has arrived at with a logo and a new name. People are referring to this new arrival as Call of Duty: Slipstream with a logo that has been observed as one that the World War II theme the new COD will employ. Don’t get your hopes up yet as the logo and the name are likely going to change before the big release.

There was nothing to play with and experience the new COD: Slipstream on The listing was spotted on Blizzard service and can also be seen through things like BlizzTrack.

Slipstream is encrypted, and many believe that it is some sort of test for the new call of duty game. Many name tests for COD have been done before by Activision and so it follows that Slipstream is not the final name for the new COD game. However, the name has already given a logo indicating a high possibility that Activision might let the name stick.

Regardless of what the new COD will be called the fact that it was listed on makes us hopeful about the future of the upcoming game. There is a possibility that the game will be extended first to pros, streamers, and related audiences afore growing past those demographics and reach to the public.

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