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Monolith Productions Announced a New Studio Head on September 17

by Hafsa Asim

Monolith Productions has gotten a new studio head, David Hewitt, as announced by Warner Bros Games. David Hewitt is no ordinary studio head, he has a remarkable history with Sony Santa Monica, a studio behind all the major God of War games from the 2005 PS2 original right up to the upcoming God of War: Ragnarok.

Before making it as the studio head of Monolith Productions, David Hewitt served under many titles including director of product development, senior managing producer, and senior producer.

But this is not it, in his LinkedIn Profile, David Hewitt has been a part of the group called “small internal leadership group”. Precisely, he was one of the people tasked with rebooting the God of War brand and the entire Santa Monica studio.

Monolith Productions and Shadow of War

Monolith Productions released Middle-Earth: Shadow of War in 2017, and other than some downloadable content for Shadow of War, the studio’s been quite secretive on its plans.

As for hiring Hewitt as Monolith Production Studio’s head seems like Warner Bros will be moving forward with the Discovery merger. 

WB previously said that it would not be selling any of its major game studios, despite the reports claiming uncertainty regarding WB’s brands. Hopefully, things are fully on track.

As to whether Monolith Productions will release another Middle-Earth game as its next release is yet to be seen, but if it does then we’ll update you. 

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