Microsoft Announces First Xbox Game Pass Titles for June
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Microsoft Announces First Xbox Game Pass Titles for June

by Hafsa Asim

Microsoft has announced a few Xbox Game Pass titles that it will be available to console, PC, and Mobile (cloud) users, before its Xbox and Bethesda Games showcase on June 13, 2021.

Upcoming games in June 2021 are as follows:

The wild at heart

Available now on Cloud
Developer: Moonlight Kids
Publisher: Humble Bundle
Step into a beautiful, enchanting, mysterious hidden world of two children that leave this world filled with hardship into a magical and whimsical land, packed with magical creatures to become friends with an oddball order of guardians who’ve lost their way.
Welcome to the Deep Woods!

For Honor

Will be available at Cloud and Console by June 3
Designer: Leroy Athanassoff
Publisher: Ubisoft
The player wages wars and fights battles as they march across the land of Heathmoor rivaling the heroes of faction clans. The player uses their finely honed skills to emerge as victorious heroes. The game can be played in a brave single-player mode or in a vicious multi-player mode. 


Will be available for PC players by June 8
Developer: EggNut
Publisher: Raw Fury

Howard Lotor, a raccoon detector, is not your hero. He is broke and almost defeated as he stumbles upon something unexpected and massive that will shake the roots of society. Spectacular visuals, a haunting soundtrack, and a courageous narrative that brings a dystopian Vancouver, BC populous by animals to life in this anticipated adventure. Go get it, detective.

Darkest Dungeon

Will be available on June 10
Designer: Tyler Sigman
Publishers: Red Hook Studios, Roguelike RPG Game, Merge Games
A gothic, roguelike role-playing game, Darkest Dungeon is a challenging, and psychologically stressful game. You have to assemble, train, and lead a team of strayed and flawed heroes through dangerous forests, crypts, and warren. It’s an exciting thriller.

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