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LHR GPU Influence on Gaming Performance

by Hafsa Asim

LHR GPUs have been buzzing around for a while. The crux of the matter, as it seems, is the demand for these cards is exceeding the market supply hence creating a shortage and spike in prices. Both crypto miners and gamers alike caused the high demand for GPUs. GPUs are used to mine cryptocurrencies as well as assisting gamers in their graphics. Now if you were to perform both functions simultaneously, then, of course, your gaming and your mining will be slowed down. To avoid this conflict NVIDIA produced cards with lower hash rates or LHR GPU.


What is LHR GPU?

LHR GPUs or lower hash rate cards are an optimized version of GPUs that reduces or halves their hash rate. The cards are made to help and assist gamers and to reduce the mining power. This makes them an attractive target for the gaming community but the mining community will definitely avoid them, consequently solving the problem of shortages and price hikes.


NVIDIA began testing with LHR GPUs with its RTX 3060 graphics card earlier this year, but after an accidental limit removal on hash rates by a driver update (which was later reinstated), NVIDIA has announced CMP-series cards, optimized for crypto mining and eschew with features like HDMI output.

New series of LHR GPUs have been released in May 2021 to ensure that the gaming experience is not compromised. The new limited mining capacity cards are RTX 3080, RTX 3070, and RTX 3060 Ti GPUs with a reduced hash rate and LHR or “Lite Hash Rate” label.


The new LHR GPUs do not affect the gaming performance at all, however, if you are a miner then you might have a bit of a problem as they essentially limit the mining activity.

Non-LHR Cards and Gaming

The non-LHR cards are just your usual full hash rate cards. All the cards besides the new releases of May are non-LHR cards. The non-LHR cards can only influence your gaming if you simultaneously mine ETH on them. Mining ETH on non-LHR GUPs can lower down their working capacity by 50 percent. To ensure that your gaming experience remains immaculate make sure that you aren’t mining any crypto on them.

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