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League of Legends’ New Champ and Where Should You Play It

by Hafsa Asim

League of Legends announced their newest champion Akshan on Wednesday, and after his appearance in the Sentinels of Light event trailer, we are well aware of his capabilities. It is easy assume that he is the marksman to be played in the bottom lane because of his exceptional abilities in action, and gameplay. Just seeing his design and make it easy assume the he is all bottom lane player.  However, the developer, Riot Games has intended Akshan to be played in a different lane.

League of Legends– Akshan to Be Played In the Middle Lane


Riot games intends Akshan to be played in the Middle lane. As noted from the posts of developers in the past few months, the newest champion is best as a mid-focused marksman. However, we know that people will definitely try Akshan in different positions including the bottom lane to experiment with the newest champion of League of Legends, but Riot suggests that the bottom lane is the best.

Champion designer Riot Twin Enso explained on Twitter why mid-lane will be better for Akshan. If the new champ gets stuck in the bottom lane he’ll have less roaming potential and a lack of attack range, consequently putting him at a disadvantage against marksmen with longer ranges. Because of his mobile abilities, the terrain between the middle and outside lanes as well as the jungle will allow him to move better.

According to a Champion Insights post there are reveal about Akshan design. Champions like Tristana and Lucian were seen playing in the middle lane, but Akshan is created as a marksman intended from the start to be played there.

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