Computer hardware manufacturing has been in its ever-evolving phase with many new and exciting technologies introduced by renowned brands every year. In this past decade, we’ve come across major computer hardware modifications which are worth spending your money on! If you have the eager wish to upgrade your PC, then this might be your year.

However, we always have two options; we can purchase at this moment or wait for six months to observe more computer hardware modifications. 

Computer Hardware Introduced in 2020

We have compiled some of the latest computer hardware of 2020. However, some of the information is based on leaked news and conjectures. Until the official announcement, enjoy these sneak peek.

Nvidia RTX 3000 Graphics Cards

Ampere: Nvidia RTX 3000 Graphics Cards

Nvidia is clearly the best computer hardware manufacturer of this generation. One of the biggest news of this year is the next generation graphic cards by Nvidia all set to be released on 24 September. The RTX 3000 series which is expected to have the built-in 60 streaming multiprocessors having GDDR6 memory with 3840 CUDA cores. The memory bus installed in it will be of 320 bits. All these memory additions and an increase in power usage result in a massive boost in performance comparing to the current RTX 2080. 

Zen 3 AMD Ryzen 4000 CPUs

Zen 3: AMD Ryzen 4000 CPUs

AMD has decided to develop one of its prominent CPUs, in continuation to its next iteration. The successor of Zen 2 has been underdevelopment known as Zen 3. It is expected to be power efficient using the process of 7nm+ increasing the density around 20 per cent with lesser power usage when compared to Zen 2.

It is said that the current naming scheme will be continued with Zen 3 processors; therefore, it can be named the Ryzen 4000 series. Unfortunately, AMD hasn’t released any further information about these latest processors. However, one of the most exciting things found about Zen 3 is the multithreading improvements. Amazingly, these upcoming processors are expected to have four threads per core. This potentially means the quad-core processors will be 16 thread. Similarly, 64-core will have 256. These amazing processors are expected to be released a little late this year.

LGA 1200: Intel Motherboards

As we know, Intel is introducing new desktop CPUs anytime soon. The Intel team have also released their latest series of motherboard and sockets will also be launched known as the LGA 1200 in May 2020. A few unique chipsets are also referenced including the H470, Z490, and W480 by ASRock.

These new motherboards will modify the design of the current ones by Intel, LGA 1151, and no unexpected additions are confirmed. But, the structure has undergone the expansion of some extra pins, i.e. 49 pins for better power delivery and input/output support. 

Comet Lake

Comet & Ice Lake: Intel 10th-gen CPUs

Intel is one of the best-seller brands dedicated to computer hardware manufacturing. They have recently revealed the launch of Comet Lake and Ice Lake which is another name for the tenth-generation Intel processors. In May 2020, these amazing processors were launched having the process of 14nm+++ and 10nm. Both of these processors are designed for laptops; however, Comet Lake will also be compatible with PCs.

The main difference between both the processors are laptops supported by them. If you want your system to be efficient, then choose the Ice Lake, or if you need more power, go for Comet Lake.

If this sneak peek doesn’t satisfy your computer hardware craving then you can check this article: NVIDIA RTX 3000 Graphics Card – Details and Leaked Images.

Well, these were the four most hyped computer hardware additions which are most likely to be released anytime soon. We can’t guarantee that these computer hardware are worth waiting; however, we are excitingly looking forward to the official launch.

Sadaf Ahmed

Sadaf Ahmed

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