The original Last of us was a huge success, received multiple awards, and secured its place as a masterpiece in the video game industry. So it’s only natural to assume that people will rush to play the sequel, players of all types and from all genres. These players will have different levels of skill and experience when it comes to action or stealth games, or even video games in general. Moreover, there will even be people who would need help in operating a controller. 

To tackle this, Naughty Dog has come up with a set of pretty comprehensive difficulty settings that will allow you to tailor how hard the game goes on you. This was an impressive move by the game developers as many players, even those who are not familiar with action or stealth games, can now be comfortable in the violent, tense and dark world of The Last of Us 2. 

Here we explain what each setting does, how they can be adjusted and what will suit you better depending on the type of player you are. Read on below to know the ins and outs of each setting.  

Last of Us 2’s Various Difficulty Settings

The Last of Us 2 is out and here's how the difficulty setting works

Very Light & Light

This setting is for those who are just entering into the world of games. Unless they are looking for a hard challenge or have some amount of experience with action games, they should probably go with Light or Very Light. Here the enemies will be somewhat easy to handle along with the ammo and other resources being less scarce. The Light setting will let you enjoy the story without worrying about the combat.   


As the name suggests, moderate difficulty is intended to give a balanced experience to both veteran and casual players alike. Ammo and other resources are fairly scarce and enemies put up a fight, so you definitely need to keep an eye out. All in all, it’s a pretty balanced experience.  . 

Hard & Survivor

Hard and survivor enemies are challenging and will give you a tough time. You will need to pick a stealthier approach if you want to survive, as supplies are much harder to find and enemies even more dangerous. Only Last of Us veterans and the truly skilled should attempt this at their first play-through.  


Grounded takes things to the next level. Resources will be next to nothing, HUD and hearing mode is disabled and enemies will be far more deadly, This mode only unlocks after you have completed the game once. 


Custom difficulty setting is the one that really stands out. Here you can get the ultimate personalized experience as you create your own difficulty setting. Individual settings can be tweaked till you find the perfect balance that suits you. For now, listening mode can’t be disabled which did result in some level of disappointment. Play around with these settings till you find your sweet spot. 

Player: Tweak the player’s vulnerability, the amount of damage you can take.

Enemies: Adjusts the behavior of enemies.

Allies: Alters the way allies behave, making them either resourceful or dead weight.

Stealth: Changes how aware the enemies are, and the distance they’ll detect you from.

The Last of Us 2 is out and here's how the difficulty setting works

These settings will help you enjoy the game without throwing your controller in frustration. As The Last of Us 2 is a story driven experience, there is no reason to go on the hardest difficulty if you are not enjoying the game. You can also change the difficulty in-game if certain parts become too hard or too easy. And don’t worry, you won’t lose your precious trophies as no trophy is related to completing the game on a certain difficulty.

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Yasir Raees Khan

Yasir Raees Khan

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