Silent Hill creator Keiichiro Toyama teases new horror project
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Silent Hill creator Keiichiro Toyama teases new horror project

by Yasir Khan

Keiichiro Toyama, a game designer who had worked on games like Silent Hill, Siren, and Gravity Rush, left Sony some time ago. He had worked there for more than 20 years and has now not only left the company but has started his own studio with fellow colleagues. 

The new company, Bokeh Game Studio, is now working on a new horror game as Keiichiro Toyama wanted to once again make a game for the horror genre. However, this game is a little different from your typical horror game as in this title, players will not be scared from horror imagery, jumpscares or creepy locations, but will be facing uncomfortable and irrational situations. Keiichiro Toyama aims to create a horror atmosphere by placing regular people in situations where they will be on the edge, making emotional decisions, and face a lot of drama and action. 

Keiichiro Toyama’s eerie concept art

Bokeh Game Studios has been sharing the game’s concept art, and it’s unsettling, to say the least. There can be seen characters with disfigured faces, fragmented bodies, occult symbols and an overwhelming shadowed character with horns. 


As with the information currently available, the gameplay will most likely be choice-driven and impact how the story progresses. It might also have the old Silent Hill mechanic where the game grows on the player and reacts differently to each gamer’s playstyle, adapting and changing along the way. However, all of this is speculation for now as the title remains unannounced. 

Keiichiro Toyama did say “I want the player to feel exhilarated,” explaining how he wanted people to enjoy the horror genre with a little bit of entertainment 

Release date

The game has no certain release date for now, considering how it’s still unannounced at this point. However, it’s expected to release around 2023 and Bokeh Game Studio has intentions of releasing it on a variety of platforms. You can follow the studio’s Twitter page to stay updated.


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