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Is Nintendo ready to Release its Next Console: Nintendo Switch Pro?

by Sadaf Ahmed

After endless rumors and leaks, Switch fans are keen to get their hands on the next platform as Nintendo gives a slight peak about the Nintendo Switch Pro. With high portability options and a wide array of amazing games, Nintendo is allegedly releasing its newest console this June.

Nintendo Switch Pro 

After the recent release of Xbox Series X and PS5, Nintendo Switch Pro is next in line with high-end graphics and specifications. Just a few months back, Nintendo Switch Pro was nothing but rumors. But now, many industry experts are coming forward justifying the possibility of the updated console which is why fans are expecting a lot from it particularly should be capable of 4K graphics and sleek display with OLED.

Nintendo Switch Pro Release Date

According to the latest rumor, Nintendo is aiming to reveal its Nintendo Switch Pro console in their Direct event to be held on 3rd June. This is one of the biggest reveals that is expected after E3 2021, which justifies the delay and heightened the hype.

The successor of this next-gen Nintendo console was released back in 2017, March. Thus, Nintendo is expected to reveal the latest, marking the Switch’s four-year anniversary. Back in 2019, Nintendo confirmed that they’re at the mid of their first-ever console cycle i.e Switch’s, so the next would be released when it’ll be hyped, suggesting Pro console is on its way. 

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Nintendo Switch Pro price

There isn’t any official confirmation by the team about the cost or price range of the Nintendo Switch Pro. But still, because of the latest hardware and innovative performance, the cost of this premium console can be predicted more than the original and the Lite version.

As per the gadget analyst Matthew Kanterman of Bloomberg Intelligence, the Switch Pro will be at least $100 more expensive than the current model. Not just Matthew, the very famous Dr. Serkan also suggested in an interview that the Switch Pro will cost around $399.  

Expected Specs

Different reports have been extracted from different sources about the specs expected to experience in the Nintendo Switch Pro. All of these sources match with each other, it is all set to support 4K resolutions in docked mode, having an improved battery life.

The current version of Nintendo Switch has a high functional Nvidia Tegra X1 processor, a 720p LCD display and 32GB of storage. As per the recent update held in August 2019. The battery life was slowed and was expanded from 6.5 hours to 9 hours. The time taken for it to be charged is also increased up to twice.

Side by side with the previous version, a notable data miner, @SciresM found some major details in a recent firmware update for the Nintendo Switch seems which seem to indicate that the Pro model will feature the same processor as the 2019 Switch base model and the Lite – the Tegra X1+ chipset. The leak uncovered a project titled “Aula”, which indicates that the chipset will offer higher performances by being pushed to higher clocking speeds supported by an improved cooling system. SciresM also hinted that the console will receive a substantial visual upgrade, with an OLED display and 4K capabilities in docked mode, powered by a Realtek chip.

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