Back when esports was fairly new, the players there didn’t use the gaming chairs we see now instead, they had those conference-style chairs that gave their back a hard time. Gaming chairs are much more common now, as now you can find them with any gamer you see online. 

But since gaming chairs cost a fortune to obtain, you may be thinking it’s really worth getting a good gaming chair which could cost you as much as a GPU? Here we discuss someone of the advantages of a gaming chair and how they can contribute to your competitive performance. 

Advantages of Gaming Chairs

Is a Gaming Chair Worth Your Money?Ideally, a gaming chair should be made with comfort in mind, as it should be assumed that the user will be sitting on it for long periods of time. The expensive ones usually have the comfort but the budget ones, not so much. Regardless, there are some benefits that gaming chairs do offer other than comfort.   

One of the main reasons people go for gaming chairs is because of the ‘gaming’ aesthetic. They simply look good with your gaming setup where an office chair might horribly fail. 

One more benefit worth discussing is how much easier it is to clean them. Most gaming chairs can be cleaned easily with simply wiping down, thanks to their leather-like material. This is a big benefit over office chairs since they require a lot more effort to clean. 

How long do they last?

Here are some of the factors that affect the overall life of a gaming chair. 


Build quality


The gamer (height/weight)



Do note that some manufacturers give out different warranties for different parts of the chair. This means that a certain part, like the armrest, might have a different warranty period than your chair’s wheels. So be sure to understand your chair’s warranty. The most common warranty period you will get with most gaming chairs is 2 years. 

A gaming chair would ideally last for at least 2 years, with many users reporting they kept their gaming chairs for more than 3 years. 

What are they made of?

Most gaming chairs you see online are made of two types of materials: 

Is a Gaming Chair Worth Your Money?Leather 

Leather gaming chairs are durable and comfortable. Leather gaming chairs will not only last longer, they are also easier to clean than other types of chairs since most stains don’t affect them. 

Is a Gaming Chair Worth Your Money?


When it comes to Fabric chairs, they have different types of fabric. Mesh fabric is a common finding in gaming chairs. They give the chair a more breathable and lighter feel. However, fabric chairs are more prone to stains and they are even a little harder to clean.  

If you have the cash for it, leather will be the right choice. 

Are they good for your posture?

They are as good as your posture as any other office chair. Gaming chairs are for sure comfortable as most are made with ergonomics in mind (apart from the gaming aesthetic), but ergonomics will not fix problems with your posture unless you make an effort yourself.  

Are they better than an office chair?

Is a Gaming Chair Worth Your Money?

In terms of comfort, the answer is simply no. Gaming chairs are not better than office chairs in offering comfort and they do it with a lesser price tag too. However, gaming chairs are much better in getting along with your gaming setup than a regular office chair.

So the answer is no, gaming chairs are not worth considering how most things they do can be done by office chairs with a much lower price tag.  If you are looking for a gaming keyboard, be sure to check out our best gaming keyboards under Rs 5000 guide


Yasir Raees Khan

Yasir Raees Khan

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