Is a 144Hz monitor worth it? Does 144Hz Make A Difference? Do I need a 144Hz monitor?

If you all have such questions, make sure to read the complete article because in this article we will clarify whether 144Hz monitor is worth your money or not.

Does 144Hz Make A Difference?

Is A 144Hz Monitor Worth it for Gaming?

To answer this question, we’ll explain it with the help of the picture shown above. Imagine you were shooting at your target on a 60Hz monitor, you’d be firing at a target that’s not even there just because of your monitor’s low refresh rate.

So the answer is YES, gaming on a 144Hz monitor makes a lot of difference. 144hz monitors have other advantages too like they reduce input lag and make screen tearing less noticeable. Just moving your cursor across the screen will feel more satisfying at 144Hz as compared to 60Hz.

Although a person playing on 60Hz monitor may not face any issue, but if people playing on 144Hz were asked to play on 60Hz, they would surely find it challenging to play on 60Hz.

240Hz is even smoother, but the jump from 144Hz to 240Hz is not that much noticeable compared to the jump from 60Hz to 144Hz.

144Hz Monitor is Worth it for Competitive Gamers

The reason we see most of the competitive gamers use a 144Hz or 240Hz monitor is that they provide a competitive edge. 144Hz monitor is more favourable for competitive gaming. Imagine yourself in a scenario where you are caught by surprise by your enemy now if you want to locate your enemy quickly on a 60Hz monitor; it won’t be much smoother.

There might be some screen tearing as well, but if you were on a 144Hz monitor the process would have been much more fluid, and when playing against players who are using 60Hz monitor you also have a small advantage because you have a little bit more time to react.

Disadvantages of 144Hz Monitors

The main disadvantage of the 144Hz monitor is its cost. Most of the 144Hz monitors are expensive. Although there are some affordable 144Hz monitors available, the reason behind it is that they use lower-quality VA panels.

144Hz monitors not only cost more but they require a more powerful and expensive PC as well.

Is A 144Hz Monitor Worth it for Gaming?

The Asus VG258Q is a 144Hz monitor that comes in at under Rs.50,000. Buy from here

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In my opinion, you should only buy a 144Hz monitor if you are a serious and professional gamer. It is worth it for competitive players who are looking for every advantage possible. However, with a 144Hz monitor, you also need a High-End Gaming PC because if you are running games at 60 or 70 FPS and decide to buy a 144Hz monitor, then you are wasting your money and won’t be able to utilize it properly.

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