Intel is the name known internationally for the largest manufacturer of the high-technology semiconductor chips supporting the latest CPUs and building the fastest computers. This brand has launched its latest graphics processing unit meeting the needs of the next-generation Tiger Lake CPUs, i.e. the Iris Xe Graphics chip. Intel team has recently announced that this fully modified chip will be supporting the 11th Generation series of CPU, the Tiger Lake family. These CPUs will be introduced for all modernised notebooks or laptops. You will hear the announcement of this CPU, ahead in this year.

Intel’s Iris Xe Graphics GPU Supporting Tiger Lake’s Visuals With 1.3 GHz Clocks

The only GPU that has recently made a cameo in the globally popular system utility and benchmark program, the SiSoftware Sandra database. According to the latest leak of the specifications by Twitter user APISAK (via Videocardz), Intel has combined both “Iris” and “Xe” together for the first time.

However, as per the tech analysts, it isn’t an unusually shocking step as Intel has always intended to take forward the branding of its Iris technology. It has also ought to bring a massive change in the graphics industry by making its debut with the Tiger Lake CPU. Both the CPU and GPU have a similar architecture.

Iris Xe Graphics Featuring Having Same Cores As Intel’s DGI1 

Iris Xe Graphics has some extreme features proving it to be the futuristic GPU perfect for the gamers worldwide. Both Tiger Lake CPU and Iris Xe Graphics GPU will be the power-packed combination for the ideal for the fully equipped gaming computer. 

It features 96C Execution Units which in simpler units be interpreted as shading units up to 768. Therefore, the Iris Xe Graphics is said to feature the number of cores almost similar to the company’s discrete graphics platform, known as DGI. 

Iris Xe Graphics

Tiger Lake

Intel’s Summer Launch

The Intel team has started the marketing and promotion campaigns from all over the world known as the ‘summer launch’. Moreover, the testing team is all set to tease the tech-freak with the performance and the gameplay of the combination. You will observe the launch of the latest Tiger Lake series further ahead of this year. The main objective of this  CPU is to focus on the ultra-thin low-power designs. This Tiger Lake series is aiming to have the TDP up to 28W same as the Ice Lake.

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Specifications Of Tiger Lake CPU

Clock Speed: 1300 MHz

Shared Memory: 6.3 GB

L2 Cache: 1 MB

Process Node: 10nm

TDP: cT15W (12W-28W)

CPU Core Architecture: Willow Cove

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