Fallout 76's Battle Royale Mode Is Being Shut Down
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Fallout 76’s Battle Royale Mode Is Being Shut Down

by Hafsa Asim

Fallout 76’s battle royale mode has been a neglected topic on the news front by developers while all the focus has been on the news of Brotherhood of Steel content, namely the update of Steel Reign. Fallout 76’s developer, Bethesda, finally shed light on the Nuclear Winter mode, but not in the way that fans had been waiting for, leaving disappointed players in its wake.  The latest news greeted players and fans with a wave of disappointment as the “what’s new and what’s to come” section of Fallout 76 flashed news of shutting down the battle royale mode sometime in September.

Nostalgia: The First Gameplay Trailer of Nuclear Winter Mode

For all the active players of Fallout 76 and battle royale mode, it might not be that big of news because their continuous attendance in the game may have made them notice the number of players visiting Nuclear Winter that made it noticeably hard to fulfill the lobbies. Bethesda has backed up the statement by saying that it has noticed players being more interested in other parts of the game such as Adventure mode; hence, it’s time to nuke the Nuclear Winter mode.

Why is Bethesda nuking Fallout 76: Nuclear Winter?

Bethesda has complained that it is not possible to put together nuclear winter lobbies without sacrificing match wait times. It further added that it’s tough to balance adding new and meaningful updates to Nuclear winter while also focusing on bringing updates for their “star product- Adventure mode”.  Bethesda concluded on the note that nuclear winter will be put to rest in an update in the coming September.

Regardless of this upsetting news, Fallout 76: Nuclear Winter players can still look forward to Perk coins to honor and savor their progress. From a minimum of six to a maximum of six hundred Perk coins will be allocated to players for every overseer Rank they have had achieved. These coins can come in handy while updating Legendary Perks, and players will be compensated for their Nuclear Winter matches by getting a special C.A.M.P.

Bethesda claimed that ending nuclear winter was a difficult yet necessary decision and that it’s aware that there will be some disappointed customers. Having said that, it also claimed that the removal of Nuclear winter will not be the end of this gameplay feature and there will be new updates in near future to look forward to.

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