Fallout 76 and Fallout 1st Are Free to Try until June 16
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Fallout 76 and Fallout 1st Are Free to Try until June 16

by Hafsa Asim

A chance to play fallout 76 free is available from Bethesda, during the chaotic and big Xbox and Bethesda event this week. Xbox console users along with PC players and PlayStation players can access the free Fallout online games. Free membership for Fallout 76’s Fallout 1st is available for you to test its rewards, and in case you feel like keeping the game after the trial period is over, you can do so for a limited discounted time.

Brotherhood of Steel Quest

Fallout 76: What to Expect In the Free Trial?

EVERYTHING and I mean essentially everything that had been added since the beginning of the game. All the content that has been available since the launch up until the Brotherhood of Steel Quests is available for the free tryout. For those of you who might end up buying the game, there is an incentive that allows you to carry over everything you do in the trial period to the full version.

Bethesda has announced this free trial period to be the best time for newbies to experience the game in all its glory. It read that there had not been a better time to jump into Fallout 76 than now. Bethesda mentioned that until June 16, players can access anything, including all the content, questlines, and features added since the game’s launch.

Fallout 76’s Fallout 1st Membership 

Fallout 1st is an add-on optional membership for players who invest tons of their time on Fallout 76. A few perks of having this membership include free fast travel points and Scrapbox storage. As Bethesda claimed, the free trial period is great to experience fallout 1st with its limited preview. To access the limited preview all you have to do is log in at the atomic shop for free between June 10 to 16 to claim your game. You will have access to the survival tent- a handy, forward operating base for fast travel points, along with a Scrapbox for unlimited craft storage.

Survival Tent

That’s all there is to free access to the fallout online games.

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