Just recently, Epic Games revealed that 2016’s Hitman will be free on the store. The game will be completely yours to keep forever and will be on the Epic Games store from August 27 to September 3. 

Hitman Yours to Keep Completely Free and Hitman 3 to be a Timed Exclusive

But that’s not all, Epic Games also announced that the third installment in hit assassination series, Hitman, is expected to release on January 2021 for PC, current-gen consoles, along with the PS5 and Xbox Series X. The surprising thing is that Hitman 3 will remain a timed Epic Games exclusive which means you cannot get the game anywhere but Epic games for a year. 

Earlier this year, we got GTA 5 for free from Epic Games and now a timed exclusive Hitman 3.  

These are huge moves to bring users from other big platforms such as Steam, over to Epic Games. Additionally, we also get a new trailer from Epic Games which shows a new location, Dartmoor, England.

Hitman 3 – Offical England Location Reveal Trailer

Video Credit – IGN

Steps to download the game:

If you haven’t downloaded a game from the Epic Games store before then read, so you are prepared when the game finally comes out. 

  1. Go to the Epic Games site and register an account from here, or if you already have one, log in. 
  2. Proceed to download the launcher from either here, or the Epic Games site. 
  3. After installing, open the launcher from your desktop. 

Once your Epic Games client is set up and running navigate to the Epic Games Store in the launcher. 

  1. Search ‘Hitman’ on the Epic Games Store. 
  2. When the Hitman page loads, click the blue ‘Get’ button.
  3. The game will then begin downloading. 

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Yasir Raees Khan

Yasir Raees Khan

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