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Halo Infinite new leaked gameplay shows iconic vehicles with some changes

by Yasir Khan

Halo Infinite has been the victim of a lot of leaks as of late and one recent leak shows the vehicles that’ll be returning in the game. 

Every Halo fan knows that the game is incomplete without its vehicles and the ones shown in the leak include the notorious Chopper, the Scorpion, the Banshee and the Wraith. These leaks come from a Twitter account that goes by the name of HaloNoticiasMX and show the variety of vehicles with all their animations and weapons. 

In the video, there are no other players so it remains unclear about the damage animations on the vehicles. When the video starts, the player first walks around in circles to show the model of the mount and then proceeds to board it, showing off the moving and attacking animations. 

Halo Infinite will see some changes to old vehicles

Some changes were also made to the returning vehicles such as the Wraith, which got a makeover to improve its functionality on the field. The developers also decided to give the Scorpion its OG design which was changed in Halo 5. This is going to have mixed reviews as there was some who did like the design of that massive beast. Others also pointed out how some of the gunshots seemed underwhelming, however, it must be noted that this is not the final product and only a leak of the game, so improvements can be expected as the game is further worked upon.  

Release date

Halo Infinite is set to hit stores on December 8, 2021, coming to Xbox Series X and Series S, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows.

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