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Halo Infinite Devs Share New Details on Multiplayer Progression, Challenges

by Hafsa Asim

Get excited Halo Infinite players! Recently some new details regarding Halo Infinite multiplayer were revealed by 343 industries. To begin with, you can expect no traditional experience; no increasing proportionality between the no. of kills and your scores. Instead, you will be awarded in terms of your battle pass experience by completing weekly and daily challenges. And in case, you are worried about being done with it too soon, then you might want to take a breath as the developers announced that it would take many hours to fully complete these challenges.

Halo Infinite: Battle Pass Information 

As per the latest post by 343 industries, that first talked about the known details before moving on to the new ones, Halo Infinite will have one battle pass consisting of a free and premium track, and included in that pass are cosmetics, XP Boosts, “challenge swaps,” and more rewards. 

As for how to progress in the battle pass, players will need the same amount of XP to go from one level to the next no matter where they are in it. Additionally, players can progress through any season’s battle pass even if the season it was tied to has already ended, which means nobody gets left behind.

In order to progress through the battle pass, you’ll need to get through daily and weekly challenges. There will be 20 weekly challenges, distributed over to 20 weeks, that is, a new challenge every week. 

Finish up all your weekly challenges and you’ll get a “Capstone” challenge that gives out a better reward like a coating or an emblem.

And lastly, daily challenges, by comparison, are more frequent but don’t dish out quite as much XP. They’re divided into “stages” that get progressively more difficult with scaling rewards.

The next multiplayer for Halo infinite is coming soon, so expect to see more details about the game and its multiplayer mode shared around that time.

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